One of the two orcadian regions, Orkneyjar is comprised of "mainland", Ratatosk, and the small islands to the east.



Malar, although situated in territory, which is nominally under the control of the Wolves, is a free city. The city and port act as one of the main trading posts between the isles of Orkneyjar, Caledonia, Norca, and ports further afield. Shared with the Wolves.

Capital City (Orkneyjar)



A large heavily fortified city on the west coast, it has been partially destroyed and rebuilt many times, resulting in a rather odd mixture of architectural styles.

Medium City




A major port which has been in decline in recent years, the majority of trade was with the isles of Skald, Skidbladnir, and Nastrond.

Small City



Egilsay is a major port for trade between Orkneyjar and the mainland of Caledonia. Orkneyjar Mainland

Recent disruption in the area, believed to be an after-effect of the arrval of the Holy Isle from Avalon into Erdreja has had two effects. A whirlpool has appeared in the sea off Egilsay, and a circle has been exposed on the shoreline near the city.

Small City




Skaill is an inexplicably heavily fortified town.Orkneyjar Mainland

Large Town



Kettletoft is nestled against the edge of the central forest.Orkneyjar Mainland

Large Town


Brough Ness

Brough Ness is a windswept town on the west coast.Orkneyjar Mainland

Large Town


Bow Head

A major town before the cataclysm, Bow Head suddenly found itself on the coast, explaining the rather heavy wall between the port area and the town itself. Orkneyjar Mainland

Large Town

Sites of Interest


Morda's Field (381AF)

The site of two of the bloodiest clan wars in Orcadian history. The field has many names commemorating the many who fell there, but one of the most common names is Mord's Field, adter the chieftain who fell there.



Ynys Withriin (Glass Hill)

A crystaline spire of natural origin venerated by the crystal monks who live at it's base. They act as a verbal library, collecting facts and tales.

Ancient / Magical structure




Tower of Ailbach

An old tower that has found new life, between Skaill and Brough Ness in the Isle of Orkneyjar, itr is now the home of Dermot MacLair.

Major Structure



The Rock of Malar

The remains of an ancient volcano, the Rock of Malar is a 500 foot high volcanic plug situated midway between Malar and Birsay. The rock itself is riddled with passages, and although there are many tales of strange and wondrous things within, no one can say for sure what lies there. There is a small castle built upon the summit, although it's purpose is unknown.

The Rock lies in the lands of Clan Orthos.

Geographical Feature



The Dagda's Teeth

The Dagda's teeth are the eroded remains of a giant causeway between the Caledonian Mainland and Orkneyjar, formed of volcanic basalt. It's exact origins are unknown and surrounded in Myth.

Some say it is natural, some legends tell of it being built by giants to cross the sea, while others speak of it being built by the Formorians as an invasion route.

The causeway cannot be crossed on foot, and makes passage by ship perilous.

Geograpical Feature




Malar Circle

Malar, the only circle on the isles of Orkneyjar is situated just a few leagues to the south of the capital itself.

Subsidiary Circle (9)



20. Egilsay Circle

Location: On beach at Egilsay, South Western Orkneyjar

Lay of the Land: Sandy beach. Up to 5 foot deep in water at high tide

Description: A large up-turned tree trunk stands at the centre of this circle formed by smaller trunks embedded deep in the sand. No guardhouse.

Subsidiary Circle



Sunken Circle

Once on the main land of western Norsca this circle, and the land upon which it rested fell into the sea at the time of the cataclysm.

Subsidiary Derelict Circle (2)