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Gazetteer of Caledonia

Being a listing of all places known of by the peoples of Caledonia

The gazetteer prepared in the year 1100


Inside Caledonia

Regional Maps

Aver Ghaidheal
An Mhaorine Ce
An Mhaorine Cirech
An Mhaorine Moreath (East)
An Mhaorine Moreath (West)
An Mhaorine Fortriu
An Mhaorine Fotla
An Mhaorine Froth
Gall Ghaidheal
Stradr Clota
Other Isles

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Towns and Villages Region
Abernethy An Mhaorine Froth
Assynt Sudrland
Balfour Orkneyjar Mainland (Wolves)
Ballater An Mhaorine Ce
Balnagowan An Mhaorine Moreath
Banchory An Mhaorine Ce
Bow Head Orkneyjar Mainland
Brough Ness Orkneyjar Mainland
Bucholie Sudrland
Barothness An Mhaorine Moreath
Benbecula Sudreyjar Leodhus
Birsay Orkneyjar Mainland
Borger Fjorder Hjaltland Skidbladnir
Callander An Mhaorine Fotla
Cudbright Gall Ghaidheal
Danisey Orkneyjar Mainland (Wolves)
Dollar An Mhaorine Froth
Dumyat An Mhaorine Froth
Dun Robin Sudrland
Dunrost Hjaltland Skidbladnir
Durinish Sudreyjar
Egilsay Orkneyjar Mainland
Fetler Hjaltland Nastrond
Finian Gall Ghaidheal
Gartness An Mhaorine Fotla
Girvan Gall Ghaidheal
Gokstad Hjaltland Skidbladnir
Gullberg Hjaltland Skidbladnir
Ham Kataness
Inch Colm An Mhaorine Froth
Inver Keithing An Mhaorine Froth
Jarls Hoff Hjaltland Skidbladnir
Kyntyre Aver Ghaidheal
Lecht An Mhaorine Moreath
Molar Orkneyjar Mainland
Morven Aver Ghaidheal
Mosey Hjaltland Skidbladnir
Nidavellir Orkneyjar Mainland (Wolves)
Oban-Dheathan An Mhaorine Cirech
Orfjand Orkneyjar Ratatosk (Wolves)
Orkshouger Orkneyjar Mainland
Pitlochry An Mhaorine Fortriu
Rockholme An Mhaorine Fotla
Ruttiwell Gall Ghaidheal
Skaill Orkneyjar Mainland
Skarsferry Sudrland
Skioh Sudreyjar
Stranraer Gall Ghaidheal
Sunbergh Hjaltland Skidbladnir
Thorsa Kataness
Torness An Mhaorine Moreath
Trotternish Sudreyjar
Unst Hjaltland Skald
Upland Orkneyjar Ratatosk (Wolves)
Vaternish Sudreyjar
Vik Kataness
Vik Hjaltland Skidbladnir
Vos Hjaltland Skidbladnir
Wemyess An Mhaorine Froth
Wrathness Sudrland

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Islands Region
Barra Sudreyjar
Black Isle Unknown
Bute Aver Ghaidheal
Calbury Aver Ghaidheal
Calloway Aver Ghaidheal
Canna Sudreyjar
Coll Sudreyjar
Dray Aver Ghaidheal
Eigg Sudreyjar
Islay Aver Ghaidheal
Ishore Sudreyjar
Jura Aver Ghaidheal
Leodhus Sudreyjar
Mainland Orkneyjar
Muck Sudreyjar
Muile Aver Ghaidheal
Nastrond Hjaltland
Norda Ivist Sudreyjar
Papa Meiri Orkneyjar
Ragnvald Sey Orkneyjar
Ratatosk Orkneyjar
Rin Ansey Orkneyjar
Rousay Orkneyjar
Sanday Orkneyjar
Skald (Dead Isle) Hjaltland
Skatha's Isle Unknown
Skidbladnir Hjaltland
Sour Ivist Sudreyjar
Stonsay Orkneyjar
Sudreyjar Sudreyjar
Tiree Sudreyjar
Vestrey Orkneyjar

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Clans Location
Buchannan An Mhaorine Fotla Gartness,
DeLacy An Mhaorine Froth Inch Coln,
The Exiled Kataness
McAroni An Mhaorine Moreath
MacArth Sudreyjar Eigg,
MacBain Aver Ghaidheal Bute,
MacBain Orkneyjar Bow Head, Mainland
McFinn Aver Ghaidheal Islay, Jura, Kyntyre,
McGregor Sudreyjar Canna,
McGuiness An Mhaorine Froth Wemyess,
McHawkwood An Mhaorine Froth Hawkwood,
McKahless An Mhaorine Moreath Torness,
McKinnon Sudreyjar Skioh,
McLoony Aver Ghaidheal Morven,
McPooh An Mhaorine Froth Abernethy,
McSnagga An Mhaorine Froth Dumyat,
McTaff Gall Ghaidheal Stranraer,
McTay An Mhaorine Moreath Lecht,
McTwatum An Mhaorine Fortriu
McYokel Gall Ghaidheal Cudbright,
Nasty McNorsemen An Mhaorine Moreath
O'Donnell Stradr Clota
O'Leary Aver Ghaidheal Calloway,
Settite An Mhaorine Fotla Callander,
Trelawney Sudreyjar Muck,
Ursa Sudreyjar Durinish,
Old Invincibles An Mhaorine Ce Ballater,
Orthos Kataness Thorsa,
Orthos Orkneyjar Skaill, Mainland
Ursa Orkneyjar Egilsay, Mainland,

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Interesting Sites Region

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Outside Caledonia


The Known World
The Heartlands
Rumours beyond

Other Lands

Gryphon Lands
Unicorn Lands
Information This gazetteer is provided for the use of the Bears Faction within the Lorien Trust (LT).
Please remember that it is an out-of-character (OOC) resource, representing the background knowledge of your characters, and should not be used further than that unless your character has the Make and Read Maps skill. Even then, please use common sense as to how your character would have access to the detailed information in these maps.
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