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Help for the Ley Reference site for the Bears of Caledonia



What is this site?

This site is intended as a general utility for players in the Lorien Trust Live Action Role Playing system campaign set in the world of Erdreja.
In particular it is intended for players in the Bears faction, one of nine factions within that system.
So far this site only contains one major piece of work - the Gazetteer of Caledonia. It also will shortly contain the home site for the Clan McYokel.

What is this site not?

It is not intended that this site should in any way supplant the offical Bears site run by Paul Harrison - currently 2.ic of the faction.
It should also be noted that although some locations described in this site have the same names as real places, the entire campaign describes an imaginary world, with Caledonia based loosely on an imaginary Scotland which never existed beyond cheap novels and poor films.

How do I use this site?

The site should be fully navigable using a mixture of three methods. To havr got here you must have already workedout how to use the first one of the three.

  • Big icons in the corners of the screen - Hopefully obvious in their content
  • Hypertext links around the edges of the screens. These are conventional links and should not give any problems. On map screen these are used to navigate to the next map in whichever direction is selected.
  • Image maps - Some of the maps have links from the images. In particular the top level map of all Caledonia is used in this way. To operate the map, click on the desired area.




This site is provided for the use of the Bears Faction within the Lorien Trust (LT).
Please remember that it is an out-of-character (OOC) resource, representing the background knowledge of your characters, and should not be used further than that.

Last modified December 10, 2001 - Maintained by bedomcyokel@yahoo.co.uk

Gazetteer of Caledonia