Bears Faction

Out Of Character (OOC)Information


The Bears Faction is one of currently 9 factions of 300+ people that roleplay in the Lorien Trust (LT) Live Action Roleplay System.

Each year the LT holds 4 events, the largest of which is The Gathering which over 3000 people attend.

The Bears represent the people of Caledonia (a fantasy form of dark ages/medieval Scotland) and are predominantly made up of clans, each identified by the tartan worn either as a kilt or a sash.

The Faction has 4 NPCs (Non Player Characters) who spend a vast amount of their free time endeavouring to ensure that all the other players have a good time. They are:

Faction Leader:Tracey Unsworth (who plays The Morrigan)

2IC: Paul Harrison (who plays Mephisto McSnaga)

3IC: Nedim Ailyan (who plays Lament)

4IC (Plot NPC): Rob Sellwood (who plays Ainsley McYokel)


Hardly anyone in the faction is from Scotland, but if you are, don't let that stop you joining. We could desperately do with someone who owns and plays the bagpipes too. We have concentrations of players in South Wales, the Midlands and South East England, but a fair number of players from all over including some from Germany and Italy.

If you wish to join the faction, you must decide whether to join an existing group/clan or whether to form your own. If you have a large group it would be wise to form your own. Check out the page on Tartans. This will let you know which tartans are already in use by existing clans. Try to pick something quite different from ones already in use. If you wish to join an existing group then either follow the links to the clan's own website or email one of the above and ask for contact details.

If you want to fit a clan into the Factions already developed fictional history, then send in your proposed background and we will check it fits in.

In additon to the big 4 LT events (The 2 Moots, The Heartland Games and The Gathering .. all held near Derby), a good number of other 'sanctioned' events are held, set in the same world. These are run by groups from all over the country and can be anything from a tavern night to a full blown combat-orientated weekend. The Bears try to run at least 2 of these events each year.


Information for Existing Players

Please be aware of the following when coming to events.

Don't: Forget to bring: Tent, Sleeping Bag, Mat/Mattress/Camp Bed, Costume, Decent sturdy boots, Suncream (for summer events), Toilet Tissue, Torch, Medication (if any). The list goes on, but someone always forgets one or more of the above. I swear by earplugs too if you want a decent night's sleep.

Don't: Be bored - The best way to have a good time is to get involved - ask one of the above.

Don't: Use the woods as a toilet facility - LT will be fined heavily by Locko Park if this happens, and the cost will be passed onto you.

Do: Drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids during the day, especially if it's hot.

Do: Attend the Faction Musters (held at 12 noon and 7pm outside command tent)

Do: Talk to one of the above if you have a problem. We are there to help you.

Do: Obey the LT's regulations .. and pull your blows.

Do: Learn the rules .. the better you understand them, the easier you will find things.

Do: Book in advance for the Gathering - this will save you money. If you don't you will never get rank.

Do: Work (in character) for either the faction or a guild - you will enjoy yourself more and get benefits.