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Bears Guidelines for roleplaying on the net

As Bears plot has started to run again on the Bears board, it seems a good time to remind players of a few ground rules for posting. The vipers and the Harts have come up with an excellent set of general rules quoted here:

We recognise that the Net can be extremely valuable to enhance downtime character development and to get plot out to people . However, in all cases, our primary focus is live roleplaying events. So the primary aim of net-based communication should be to enhance LT main events and sanctioned events.

We can't think up rules to cover every set of circumstances, and we wouldn't want to. So in all cases Rule 7 takes precedence.

1.IC consequences In all cases, conversation between players is fine. But if you post something, expect consequences. [Example: Drizzt posts "all Gryphons are scum" on the Harts notice board. He shouldn't be surprised to get trouble from the Gryphons, friends of the Gryphons, and the Harts diplomatic staff.] Posting controversial stuff as anyone other than your LT character ("virtual PCs") is frowned on, as it doesn't allow other people to follow up at events.

2.Identification Notice board posts should generally be signed and have an email address. This is to stop irresponsible anonymous postings that break the 'consensus view' of the world. Sometimes there are good reasons to post anonymously - but see Rule 7.

3.Responsibility In the majority of cases, no-one can exceed their responsibility. NPCs and Plot Teams have defined areas of authority. Players are responsible for themselves only. If you have 'virtual' net-based characters working for you, their abilities are limited to reaction. They can't initiate action. (Plot is intended for real players not virtual players!) [Example: You can post messages from your 'virtual' scribe announcing your character's current whereabouts. You can't use your scribe to conduct independent investigations.] NPCs should be careful to bear the LT's NPC Guidelines in mind.

4.Exceptions Players and NPCs can take action outside their area of responsibility if all concerned agree to the actions. e.g. a player can deliver troops under their command if they have been given IC responsibility for that army. [Example: Lady Lucy can say "I'm going to Bristol." She can't say "The York Army is marching to Bristol" unless she has been given IC responsibility for that army. For instance, (a) it is agreed by Plot Team that the Earl Marshall of York has IC control over that army, and (b) that player then gives IC permission to Lady Lucy.] Harts Plot Team can only run activity on non-Harts boards if they have the permission of other plot teams that would be affected.

5.Time It takes time to carry out certain activities, so this needs to be taken into account. If you're not sure how much time it would take to do something or go somewhere, contact Plot Team. [Example: If it takes a week to get somewhere, Drizzt can't post "I'm here!" a day after he announces he's setting out.] Please be aware that not everyone has or wants to have 24 hour net access. Therefore you have to allow more than 'real time' for other people to respond to your posts.

6.Considerate behaviour On the Net, there's no body language and you can't hear tones of voice. So it's very easy for misunderstandings to happen, and feelings can run high. If it seems that OOC offence is being caused, then please back off. (If appropriate, pick the matter up again at an event.)

7.Rule 7 "Don't take the piss."

drafted by Roz Horton 23-June-00,

adopted by Harts Plot Team 08-July-00

shamelessly adapted from Harry's original

Please read and take note of these guidelines - although they have not formally been approved by the Bears plot team and faction command they make a good basis for postings.

Specific points to consider for the Caledonian Formorian campaign.

1) Beasties: Formor are big tough beasties. They hit hard, often with two handed weapons wielded in one hand. They take a lot of hits to kill. They are sea creatures, with tough green scaly skin. If hit by a fear spell, they beserk. This is messy and painful. Please write combat scenes bearing this in mind.

2) Logistics: Caledonia is big and rough. Ritual circles are not immediately adjacent to city walls. Please allow time for travelling. As a general rule, small groups of travellers shouldn't make more than about 25 miles in a day, armies not over 15 miles.

3) Horses: ...are rare. They won't go through ritual / transport circles. They don't gallop all day. They get spooked by magic, and are not generally a combat mount in Erdreja. Neither are war hedgehogs or camels.

4) Character knowledge: Please only react directly to those postings the contents of which your character would have knowledge. Some plot postings may be only for colour.

5) If in doubt ask - email Bearsplot



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Last modified 2 May 2000
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